So Many Fish, So Little Time


I have a serious problem.  I am a koi fabric addict.  There, I said it.

When I came across this Eiko Playing Koi in cream from Birch Organics, I pretty much lost my mind.  I first saw it on clearance at Fabricworm.  Of course, I waited too long to order a big pile of it, and it was sold out when I finally was ready to go for it.  I searched around on Etsy, and found it at LiMaSews.  Sorry, I bought all that she had — which was enough to make the Flared Sleeve Dress from my favorite book, Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids.

Happy Homemade Sew Chic KidsI sewed up a size 2 for Lulu.  It was pretty straight up and simple to do.  The only real trick was turning under the flared sleeves and hemming those suckers.  They’re pretty curvy, and I wasn’t completely successful in getting the hems to lay flat all around.  But once it’s on this little gal and she’s running around, you’d never know it, especially if it’s windy 🙂

Happy Homemade Sew Chic KidsThe only change I made to the pattern instructions was to attach the neck binding by tucking the raw edge of the neckline inside the binding and sewing it once — rather than sewing one edge of the binding, flipping it over the edge and sewing again.  I learned this trick when I made the Olivia Dress from Craftiness Is Not Optional.  It’s just easier.


As a general rule, I don’t really go for the matchy-matchy look with my kids.  But . . . once Lulu’s dress was done, I knew that I needed to sew with this stuff again.  Right away.  Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids

By this time, Kid’s Clothes Week was right around the corner.  So, I needed to find more koi — and fast!  Another search commenced.  This time, I found plenty at Harts Fabrics.  (You can still find it there!)

If you have visited this little blog before, you know that my oldest daughter Kiki will currently wear only skirts and shirts.  And, one must be able to tuck the shirts into the skirts (sadly).  So, it was back to Happy Homemade for the Ribbon Tie Blouse and Tiered Skirt.


Seeing as it’s Kids Clothes week — late Tuesday night (technically Wednesday morning – gulp), I finished Kiki’s koi duo.  They are both size 4 for this four year old.  They’re a little roomy, which is always good news for next year.

No problems sewing these.  Again, the only change I made was with attaching the bias neck binding as I did with Lulu’s dress.

The contrast fabric in the skirt is Eiko Stamp Stripe in pool from SewYeah Fabrics on Etsy.

Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids

As a special favor to her mother, Kiki agreed to let me take these photos with the shirt untucked.  Just this once.


There’s something about this seeing my girls in this fabric that makes me feel like I’m back at the glorious Japanese Spa Ten Thousand Waves, just outside of Santa Fe.  How being around toddlers can make one think of a massage and a dip in the tubs is testament to this fabric’s power!


How’s your sewing going this week??

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  1. These are so great. I especially love the duo for your 4-yo. Saw it on KCW and had to come visit. I was also obsessing over this fabric since I first saw it on fabricworm. But have somehow convinced myself I have way too much fabric on hand right now (Ha, that thinking can’t last for too much longer!!)

    • Thanks for making my day, Cate! I too thought my stash was too big to justify adding the koi. But, as you say, we both know it’s going to happen anyway 🙂

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  3. Pingback: Rosemary Mornings

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