From Mini to Maxi

A few weeks ago, Lulu hijacked one of my skirts and adopted it as her own.


She’s worn it all over town — to the grocery, to preschool, to gymnastics, you name it.  I think it looks much better on her than it did on me!

This skirt was meant to fall just above the knee on me, so the length is just about right for Lulu as a maxi skirt.  All I had to do was add a safety pin at the shirred waist, and she was ready to roll.


Since the theme for last week’s winter edition of Kids Clothes Week was “Upcycling”, I was inspired over the weekend to go the extra mile and actually take this skirt to the sewing machine for a permanent adjustment.  It has a very lightweight lining and is shirred at the waist.  So I just sewed one new seam up the side, lining and all, and serged the seam allowance.


This was, hands down, the simplest project I’ve embarked on — haha!  (Does this even count as a project??)

Lulu approves . . .


Standing on the heat register shows this skirt’s full twirl potential.  It also shows Lulu’s matching toe nails.  How did that happen??  (I’m trying not to think to much about Marilyn Monroe here.)


If only it could always be this easy!



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