Mustang Hide & Seek

So, last spring I was so excited when the Oliver & S Hide & Seek Dress came out and couldn’t wait to make a couple for my girls.  I sewed this one up for Kiki right away.  I thought is came out so well, and Kiki was enthusiastic — at first.  But after the photo shoot, she never would put the thing on.  What is with that??  Do kids do these things to torture us on purpose? Um, yes.

What’s a sewing mama to do?  Since this dress won’t fit Lulu for another year at least, I decided to loan it to a friend whose daughter is in Kiki’s preschool class.  Guess what Kiki said when she saw the dress on another kid?  She needed another one of her own!  Ha!

Oliver and S Hide and Seek Dress

Luckily, I still had plenty of chambray left from the original dress (which I also used for a dress for myself last summer).  Yes, sometimes it does pay to buy lots of extra fabric 🙂

Instead of exactly recreating the original, I used Cotton + Steel Mustang in gold metallic for the contrast.

For this almost 5 year old, I sewed up a 4T bodice with 5T length.  It’s still a little roomy, but not too much — and this baby should last a while.

Oliver and S Hide and Seek Dress

Now that I’ve been at this sewing thing for a while, I’m getting more and more picky about things like matching prints in center back seams.  On this dress, I wanted to try my hand at matching the pattern on the back button placket.  Guess what?  It’s so easy to do and makes such a big difference!

Oliver and S Hide and Seek Dress

I know it’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for me.

Here’s how I did it . . . I cut the right side of the back bodice, and then placed that cut piece on top of the fabric laid out for the left bodice piece, matching the print.

Oliver and S Hide and Seek Dress

(It matches so well that I had to draw in the white outline so you can see what’s going on!)

Then, I laid the left bodice pattern piece on top, matching the button placket notches.

Oliver and S Hide and Seek Dress

(My Swedish tracing paper pattern piece curled up a little when I took this photo — but trust me, the notches lined up.)

All that was left to do was to carefully remove the right side bodice piece and cut the left piece along the pattern.  That’s it!  No other fiddling necessary.  Aren’t easy tricks the best?

Oliver and S Hide and Seek Dress

The only downside of this dress is that the sleeve cuffs bunch up in the drier, and I really do have to iron them after washing.  I’m not a big fan of post laundry ironing, so that’s a bit of a drag for me.  The original version of this dress had short sleeves with no cuffs, so I was caught by surprise.  But, it’s well worth the effort — no question.

Oliver and S Hide and Seek Dress

This time, Kiki has wised up and wears this little number regularly.

Oliver and S Hide and Seek Dress

Ah . . . life is sweet!

8 responses

  1. Gorgeous dress, hope it gets a lot of wear. I’m in the process of making my first H&S dress, so the timing of your back bodice lining-up trick could not be better! Thank you!

  2. That’s lovely! And great pattern matching! Chambray is just so nice- I need to order some more for spring. I hope this one see a lot of wear! Some of my favorite pieces have been sadly unworn around here. So frustrating…

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. So far, this dress is in regular rotation — yay! The last dress I made for my other daughter, however, has yet to be worn once. Ah well 🙂

  3. Cute dress! I love the horse print use in this dress, just the right amount and not overwhelming, And great job on the matching! Girls do seem to get picky about what they wear around this age 😉

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