KCW: A Summer Nighty-Nightgown

Since it’s finally gotten warm enough around here to take the big duvets off the beds and switch to lighter quilts, Kiki has been asking for a summer nightgown.  Since both Kids Clothes Week and Pajama Day at preschool happen to coincide this week (two very momentous occasions in our house), it seemed that this project’s time had come.


I looked at a ton of nightgowns online, and after seeing this pin, I settled on the Nighty Nites pattern by Olive Ann Designs.  It’s such a simple and sweet design — and quick to make, which is a big plus these days.


After seeing lots of really lovely nighties made from vintage sheets, I ventured over to the thrift store to see what was to be found.  I got lucky and found three really cute sheets — all for about $3 each (!) and with lots of yardage, so my girls will have plenty of new nightgowns in their future.


I love the flutter sleeves.  And there’s no gathering to do, since the whole neckline is an elastic casing.

The pattern calls for a shirt-tail hem, but I just cut it straight across flaring up slightly on the sides to save time.  I think it’s a worthy shortcut.

Instead of using regular bias tape to finish the armholes, I once again used the Imagine Gnats Bess Top trick of using strips of jersey knit.  This is such a nice time saver, and I like the idea of having the soft, comfy knit strips on the inside of this nightgown.

The bow is satin ribbon from my stash, tacked on.  Kiki is very happy that it doesn’t come untied!  Now I just have to remember to fray-check the ends of the ribbon before it starts unraveling.


Wouldn’t this look cute cute short as a top?  The pattern includes a blouse length version that I may have to sew up for both girls as summer tops.  Maybe with fun trim or tiny pom poms on the flutter sleeves and hem, like this adorable top from Lauren Dahl?

Next time, I might bring the armholes up about an inch and widen the front at the chest a tad.  What do you think?


Kiki reports that this was a hit at school on Pajama Day.  Hooray for that!


And that’s it for me this Kids Clothes Week.  It must be cocktail time 🙂

2 responses

  1. I love this! Such a sweet pattern, love the sheets fabric, and not having to gather anything sounds so great! I’m going to flip through my Japanese pattern books and see if I can find anything similar. We’re in need of some new summer nightgowns but I’m really trying not to buy any more patterns!

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