Two Little Bunnies Sittin’ in a Tree

Oliver and S School Bus T-Shirt, Lazy Days Skirt Yes, more matching outfits for Kiki and Lulu.  They love it.  What can I say?  One way of looking at it is that, partly because they are only two years apart, if one of them gets something and the other one doesn’t get exactly the same thing, hurt feelings and jealousy abound.  I’m telling myself that this is a normal part of growing up.  So when it comes to sewing, it’s become easier to make two in many cases. Oliver and S School Bus T-Shirt, Lazy Days Skirt The exception to this new rule comes in on Lulu’s side.  As I’ve mentioned before, she only wants to wear skirts and t-shirts with animals on them at the moment or dresses that “spread around.”  (I’m not exactly sure what she means by “spreads around” . . . there has been some trial and lots or error here.)  If I make something that doesn’t meet this criteria for Kiki, Lulu is fine with it and doesn’t want one for herself anyway.  So, to my great relief, I’m not obligated to make two of absolutely everything.  Pfew. Oliver and S School Bus T-Shirt, Lazy Days Skirt But with this pair of outfits, I think I’ve succeeded in making everyone happy!  Lulu has been asking for a bunny shirt and skirt for a while, so I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect bunny fabric.  I found just that in Ann Kelle’s Urban Zoologie Part 5, Rabbits in blush.  It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s funky, it’s bunnies.  Done and done. The magenta knit is interlock left over from Kiki’s Halloween costume from last year.  I got it from Fabric Fairy — looks like they don’t have this color anymore, but there are lots of other shades to choose from.  I was very glad to see that I had enough to make both of these shirts with plenty left over.  I’m not sure why I had so much sitting around . . . this is the bright side of fabric hoarding 🙂 Oliver and S School Bus T-Shirt, Lazy Days Skirt For the bunny shirts, I decided to try something new and looked to the Oliver & S School Bus T-Shirt.  Not surprisingly, it’s a great pattern.  And, it’s nice to have two different neckband width options, as well as long, short or capped sleeves.  Here, I chose the narrow neckband and capped sleeves.  The School Bus T-Shirt also goes all the way up to size 12, so I’m set for t-shirts for a good long while. Oliver and S School Bus T-Shirt, Lazy Days Skirt For the bunny part of the bunny shirts, all I did was make a little heart template, which I traced onto the paper side of some fusible webbing.  Then, I ironed the webbing onto a an appropriately sized piece of bunny fabric.  Next, I cut out the heart shape from the fabric bonded to the webbing, carefully peeled off the paper, and ironed it onto the shirt.  All that was left was to zig-zag around the heart.  The webbing keeps the heart in place perfectly, so that it doesn’t slip around or get otherwise funked up while sewing it on. Nothing to it, really. Oliver and S School Bus T-Shirt, Lazy Days Skirt The skirt is the Oliver & S Lazy Days Skirt, which I’m getting a lot of mileage out of these days.  I have at least two more of these in my queue, especially since this pattern passes the Lulu test and can be made in less than an hour, including cutting.  Sweet! Oliver and S School Bus T-Shirt, Lazy Days Skirt I’m lining up some projects for Kids Clothes Week, which I can’t believse it already coming up next week!  My list includes a couple of dresses made from the same pattern, but in different fabrics.  Let’s hope that will be matchy matchy enough for these two — I’m ready for a little more variety! Oliver and S School Bus T-Shirt, Lazy Days Skirt Are you planning to sew next week?

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  1. Very cute! Sometimes it is so hard to figure out what will and will not pass the preference test with kids! I need to pick out fabric for a nightgown for my daughter that I’ll sew next week. And then I’ll probably cheat and share the pants and shirt I just made for my son but haven’t blogged yet 🙂

  2. absolutely adorable outfits on absolutely adorable little girls. As I recall, ‘being alike’ is cool for a few years or days, then there comes a time when MINE! and “She can’t copy me” reigns. just enjoy it all as much as you can! They are gorgeous in Pink!

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