A Lulu in Gingham

Lulu Dress Craftiness Is Not OptionalThe Lulu Dress pattern from Craftiness In Not Optional is one of my faves.  This is the fourth one I’ve made for Kiki, and they are all the most worn garments in her closet — which is saying a lot, because this little lady is picky.  The first three were made last September, and she’s worn them all year long.  Now that I’m thinking about clothes for Kindergarten (what???), she clearly needs a new set of Lulus.

Lulu Dress Craftiness Is Not OptionalThis particular Lulu was made with the Fourth of July in mind.  Here you can see it in action at the local parade . . .

Gingham Lulu 12Perfect, right?

The blue gingham knit is from Girl Charlee, and the red trim was cut from an old t-shirt of mine.  I’m not always delighted with the quality of fabric from Girl Charlee, but this one is holding up great.  It’s been through the wash at least a half a dozen times already, with no sign of wear & tear.

Because this dress is all knit, it travels great and always looks good — even if it’s just been pulled out of the bottom of the beach bag.  Plus, Kiki can easily put it on and take it off herself.  Big win.

Lulu Dress Craftiness Is Not OptionalBecause her last set of Lulus still fit well on top, this time I cut a 4T width and 5T length on both the bodice and the skirt.  The longer length really makes her look so grown up. She wore it to her preschool day camp last week, and one of the teachers said that she looks like a real Kindergartner in it.  I agree.  Can’t believe it!

Lulu Dress Craftiness Is Not OptionalThese pockets have been filled with all manner of treasures already.  Rocks, feathers, shells, you name it.  I have to check them carefully before tossing this baby into the washer.  Wouldn’t want to lose anything precious!

Lulu Dress Craftiness Is Not OptionalOnce I finished this dress and saw it on Kiki, I almost wished I had added a faux placket on the bodice, which is one of the options included in the pattern.  I’ll definitely try that out on another version soon.

Lulu Dress Craftiness Is Not OptionalHooray for the perfect little dress to take us from summer to fall!

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