A Fall Corduroy Jumper

Tie Dye Diva Perfect A Line Dress for GirlsAfter sewing up several Ileana dresses with circle skirts for Lulu, I figured Kiki could use a few new dresses with a theme.  After seeing so many great corduroy prints out there, I knew she needed some classic, straightforward fall jumpers.  And once I came across this wonderful foresty corduroy print at Joann’s, the hunt for a no frills jumper pattern ensued — one that would showcase the print without the distraction of other features.  The search ended with the Perfect A Line Dress from Tie Dye Diva.

Tie Dye Diva Perfect A Line Dress for GirlsThis dress (which can be made reversible) is your basic jumper with buttons at the shoulders.  That’s it.  Perfect.

Tie Dye Diva Perfect A Line Dress for GirlsThe shape is just right — not too flowy, yet not straight enough to restrict playground antics.

As usual, I sewed up a 4T width with 5T length for Kiki, and it fits fine.  There’s enough room at the top for layering, which we’re going to start needing to do here in a week or so, as that autumn chill blows in.

Tie Dye Diva Perfect A Line Dress for GirlsThe construction of this dress is very clever.  You sew the front and back pieces of both the main and lining fabric together at one side seam.  Then you sew the main and lining together at the top (around the neck and straps) and the bottom of the dress.  Then in order to sew the remaining side seam, you do some kind of magical voodoo folding which looks confusing but makes perfect sense as you are sitting in front of the machine with the dress in your hands.  You then turn it right side out and hand stitch the opening.  The end result is a dress that’s completely reversible and looks equally nice both inside and out.

I knew Kiki would never want to cover up the forest creatures by reversing this dress, so I just used a plain red/orange Kona cotton on the inside to match the foxes.

Tie Dye Diva Perfect A Line Dress for GirlsAfter the first time I washed this little dress, the hem got folded up inside itself, and I decided that it needed some top stitching to keep everything in place.  Easy fix.

One change I’d definitely make next time is to put interfacing inside the straps on both the button and button hole side.  The instructions don’t tell you to do this, but really, I should have known!  I think it’ll hold up fine, but the button area does feel a bit flimsy.

This other thing that’s lacking is pockets.  I meant to add some side seam pockets (which would be so simple to do), but somehow it didn’t happen.  Patch pockets would be really cute too.  Next time.

Tie Dye Diva Perfect A Line Dress for GirlsAll in all, everyone seems pretty happy with this dress.  It’s been worn several times and looks like it’s make it into the regular rotation.  Score!

Up next, I’ll show you a couple of other corduroy creations . . .

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