A Mara Dress

Mara Dress Compagnie M Puppet Show Shorts Oliver + SFall sewing for Kiki continues over here with a new Mara Dress from Compagnie M.  This pattern is really for a top (which I have made before), but there are instructions included in the pattern for extending the length to make a very chic dress.

This particular dress was inspired by Beyond the Hedgerow’s very lovely spring dress version of the Mara.

I’m a sucker for the piping/pin tuck combo.

Mara Dress Compagnie M Puppet Show Shorts Oliver + SThe main mustard fabric is a buttery soft sheet that I found at the thrift store for about $3!  The piping and pocket fabric is a scrap leftover from this Oliver + S Class Picnic Top I made for Lulu a couple of years ago — it’s from Joann.  You see, hoarding scraps is a virtue 🙂

Mara Dress Compagnie M Puppet Show Shorts Oliver + STo be sure I got the shape right, I laid my O+S Rollerskate Dress pattern pieces over the Mara front and back pattern pieces to trace the shape and the length of the dress — as I did with Kiki’s O+S Swingset Dress I made this past summer.

Mara Dress Compagnie M Puppet Show Shorts Oliver + SThe pockets are taken from the O+S Puppet Show Shorts pattern.  When I made these shorts last summer, I was sure I’d be putting these pockets on everything.  This seemed to the the right moment to get started.

Mara Dress Compagnie M Puppet Show Shorts Oliver + SThe other tweak I made to the pattern was to used binding for the cuffs — a little trick I learned in making an as of yet unblogged Ottobre Dress.  The cuffs are gathered to fit the binding, and I just top stitched over the whole thing.  I think it’s more comfortable than elastic casing (which is suggested in the pattern instructions), and looks a little more professional.

Mara Dress Compagnie M Puppet Show Shorts Oliver + SThis dress turned out to be perfectly cozy for fall and has made its way into regular rotation.  Hooray!

Mara Dress Compagnie M Puppet Show Shorts Oliver + S

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  2. The yellow is so lovely! I assumed it was corduroy at first glance, but a thrifted sheet is even better! I’m curious about the arm binding. Ottobre seems to be full of interesting little techniques and I love the patterns. Probably time to break down and get one of the magazines.

    • Yes, Ottobre is pretty cool.
      For the sleeve binding, I made a bias strip, pressing the edges into the center in the usual way (although it doesn’t need to be cut on the bias in this case) and sewed the ends together so that it’s a tube. Then, gather your sleeve cuff to fit the binding. Sew the binding onto the outside of the cuff right sides together. Fold the binding over the raw edges and top stitch. I think it’s a nice way to finish those sleeves 🙂

  3. I am just discovering your blog via Instagram and I love your sewing! This dress is so pretty! Love the fabric, the pattern, everything about it. Oh, especially the pockets!

    • Hi Inder! I’ve been a big fan and a follower of your blog for a while now, and I’m tickled that you’ve found me!! Glad you like this dress. It is actually in regular rotation, which is a big win for the mother of fashion fickle girls 😉 Maybe you can relate???

      • I will have to look at the site a little closer. We han;v&#8217et posted the call for proposals yet. I am going to change the date to Monday the 30th. Authors will have to create an account to send a proposal on or after that date. I am so excited and look forward to reading your proposals.

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