The Sailor and the Octopus

Sailor Top, Fancy Tiger CraftsI’ve been seeing quite a few versions of the Sailor Top from Fancy Tiger Crafts around the web lately, so I thought I’d show you the one I made.

Before we get into the pattern details, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of these octopi.  What an amazing print!  You may already know that it’s Tokyo Train Ride Mystery Meal lawn in pink from Cotton + Steel.  It’s a very nicely weighted lawn, so it works really well for garments, and it comes in two other colorways.

Sailor Top, Fancy Tiger CraftsI’d been thinking and thinking about what I’d make with this when I eventually got my hands on it.  I finally found it on sale (can’t remember where, alas), and decided it was time to take the plunge.

By the way, I happened to see the sneak peak video that Cotton + Steel just put out previewing the new fall fabrics for 2015, and I was giddy to see that this print is making a return in indigo 🙂  It’s quilting cotton, though, so we’ll need to get creative in how we wear it.  I feel certain that we’ll be up to the challenge.

Sailor Top, Fancy Tiger CraftsBack to the Sailor top — it’s a great, easy to fit and easy to sew top that I wore pretty much all summer.

Sailor Top, Fancy Tiger CraftsI sewed up a medium, and it is a little bit tighter under the arms that I’m used to, but I think it’s supposed to be like that — and it didn’t take long to get used to it.  However . . . I have to say that looking at this photo makes me think that the arms may need some tweaking next time around.  Ah well.

Sailor Top, Fancy Tiger CraftsThe sewing is simple — raglan sleeves, a gathered yoke and sleeve facings.  Plenty of ease. You should try it!

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  1. I love this top, but I had heard somewhere that the neckline is hand sewn down and I am not a very effective hand sewer– any info would be appreciated! I am also in love with this fabric- I am hoping to have some of the navy or grey hop into my cart one day 🙂

    • Hi Sarah —
      Come to think of it — yes, the neckline is hand sewn on the inside. I had totally forgotten about that! It’s really not that big a deal once you get started — just a whip stitch. It’s a good thing to do with Netflix. You could also stitch in the ditch, but I think that’s much trickier.
      Yes, the fabric is fab — in all the colorways.

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