Yes.  The holidays are over, and it’s January already.  What better time to show you the jackets I made for Kiki and Lulu for fall?  Ha!

Jackets 1

Both of these little ladies needed something cozy for brisk, windy fall days.  And since Kiki is off in kindergarten all day now and Lulu is hot on her trail, I wanted them both bundled up in something made with love from dear old Mom.

5&10 Designs Volume 2 Jacket

I’m way into corduroy these days, and it seemed to be just the thing for the exterior of these babies.  Both ladies chose their own colors, and both picked this fab orange.  At least I’ve taught them something!

5&10 Designs Jacket, Made By Rae Fanfare

For the lining, Kiki chose this Allison Cole Happy Camper flannel, which I can’t find any more of by now (since I bought this fabric back in September!).  It’s a cute print with little tents and teepees and campfires and woodsy critters — an interesting choice for a girl who lives in a decidedly non-camping family.  Oh ye gods, I hope she’s not trying to tell us something!!

5&10 Designs Volume 2 Jacket

5&10 Designs Jacket, Made By Rae Fanfare

For her cozy jacket’s innards, Lulu picked the always fabulous foxes from Made By Rae’s Fanfare Flannel in pink.  I have to say that I was so pleased with this pick!

5&10 Designs Volume 2 Jacket, Made By Rae Fanfare

5&10 Designs Jacket, Made By Rae Fanfare

Kiki got these wonderful green spangly buttons that coordinate with her lining.  They add a nice sparkle on a blustery day without going the way of the princess.

5&10 Designs Jacket, Made By Rae Fanfare

Lulu’s buttons are velvet covered and look like the eyes of the foxes inside 🙂

5&10 Designs Volume 2 Jacket, Made By Rae Fanfare

Yes, after a couple of washes the flannel pills a little.  I have yet to find one that doesn’t.  That’s life.  It’s still the coziest stuff!

5&10 Designs Volume 2 Jacket, Made By Rae Fanfare

The pattern for both jackets comes from 5&10 Designs, Volume 2.

If you’re not familiar with 5&10 Designs, it’s a group of five bloggers who put out basic pattern blocks with instructions on how to hack them ten different ways.  They’ve put out three volumes, and this jacket is taken from the second volume — as was the coat I made for Kiki last year.

To put these jackets together, I started with the basic pattern block for Look One.  I made it longer and drew the sides out a little to create a more A-line shape.  I also made the facings for the button placket several inches wider.  The pattern calls for placket facings that end up being only about an inch wide, which may work for snaps but doesn’t cut it for buttons like these.  Here’s what Kiki’s last year coat ended up looking like with the narrow facings.

Five and Ten Designs Volume Two, 5 and 10 Designs Volume 2

Happily, I lived and learned.  Just look at them now!

5&10 Designs Volume 2 Jacket, Made By Rae Fanfare

I wanted to be sure that these jackets would be warm enough, so I went ahead and added fusible fleece on the inside (following a tip from Hungie Gungie).  It’s so easy to do — just cut the same pieces from the fleece as you cut for the exterior pieces (not the facings) and fuse ’em on.  You’ll get a jacket that’s much thicker and warmer, but not bulky enough to make sewing difficult.

5&10 Designs, Made By Rae fanfare

If you feel like you’ve seen the fabric on Lulu’s hat before, you’re not crazy.  It’s Heather Ross Briar Rose jersey.  I made these hats from an Ottobre pattern from the 4/2015 issue.  You can also find this pattern along with a handy tutorial for free online.

Ottobre 4/2015 Beanie

This little hat is a breeze to make, especially with that tutorial to explain it all.  It could also be easily enlarged for adults.  But to be honest, I’m not in love with how it looks on.  The seam runs ear to ear, and the bulk of the seam allowances makes the shape look a little weird.  I’ll have to try this again trimming the seam allowances more to see if that helps.  I mean, it takes only about 20 minutes to whip one of these up, so it’s worth a little experimentation on some extra knit fabric.

Ottobre 4/2015 Beanie

Now that the winter chill is here, these jackets have been put away.  I’m hoping that they’ll be just a cozy on early spring mornings.

5&10 Designs Jacket, Made By Rae Fanfare


6 responses

  1. Your jackets are stunning – they look so cosy and colourful. Good job on your various adjustments; last year’s is lovely too, but I know it must be satisfying to have got those facings just right!

  2. Fantastic!!! I wish my kids would choose orange corduroy for clothes! IF ONLY. These coats are absolutely lovely, I love the shape and the way you’ve worked with the pattern to improve the function. Well done!

    • Thanks so much, Inder. Yes, the choice of orange was a major coup. I don’t expect it to ever happen again. Luckily, since thery’re outwear, they get worn pretty often when the weather’s right.

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