Would you wear it with a fox?

In deference to the “Kid Art” theme of this summer’s Kid’s Clothes Week, I decided to let Dr. Seuss do the art part here, while I just do the sewing part.

Seuss 6

Lulu has been eyeing her sister’s Cat in the Hat dress for a while now — even wearing it to sleep when Kiki isn’t looking.  So, I decided that it was high time for her to have one of her own.

Instead of a dress this time, I decided to double her fun with a Cat in the Hat top and shorts.  Both are Oliver & S patterns — the Ice Cream Dress (in blouse form) and Puppet Show Shorts.

Seuss 4

When I ordered this Robert Kaufman fabric online, I was pretty jazzed about this pattern combination.  How could I possibly go wrong with cats and crazy dots together?  Well . . . as it turns out, it is possible to go wrong, as unbelievable as that may seem. 🙂

Robert Kaufman calls both of these fabric “turquoise.”  But, as you can see, they are not the same color blue.  Not even a little.  As much as I want this top and shorts to be awesome together, I think that the colors seem to argue more than they get along.  They say clown to me.  Am I wrong here?

Seuss 5

But, all is not lost.  Each piece turned out pretty well separately, and I think they’ll each look sharp with other companions.  The shorts would be kooky and fun with a plain white t-shirt.  And the top could be cute with denim shorts.  We’ll have to try a few things out.

Anyway, Lulu doesn’t mind.

Seuss 9

Both top and shorts are 2T.  The top is a little blousy for now, but it’ll be perfect by fall — and it should last through next spring.  I’ve made both the dress and top version of this pattern before, and I see more in the future.

This is my first ever attempt at shorts.  When thinking up this project, Gail’s version of these shorts came to mind, and I was eager to try my hand at those mighty cute pockets.


Turns out that these pockets are pretty simple to put together.  And they add so much character, that I think I’ll have to slap babies like these onto all sorts of other things.

There is also a little bit of gathering on the sides right at the bottom leg trim.  So cute!

I do think that these little details would show through a lot more with a tamer fabric.  Next time.

So that’s a wrap for me this Kid’s Clothes Week.  How did it go for you?

Seuss 7